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Why Should You Hire a Top Travel Agency for Acatenango Overnight Hike?

Trekking up the mountains brings with it a lot of excitement, adventure, and the zeal of discovering the unknown. You get to explore a lot of possibilities and gain fabulous experiences. If you are not sure which destination to choose this time, why not go for the Acatenango hike.

The Acatenango Trek is a Challenge Itself

If you like challenges then this hiking trip is suitable for you. Hiking along the difficult tracks of Acatenango is not a cakewalk and nature itself is very unpredictable. The temperature falls to chilling degrees during the nights and so, you need to carry sufficient winter clothes positively to keep yourself warm. Spending the night at the campsite high up the mountain is a superb option as you can watch the volcano erupting throughout the night.

Travel Agencies Making the Vacation Extra Special

When you are going on a hike, you should always take a professional guide along with you. For Acatenango hikes, one of the best companies to hire the assistance of is Tropicana Hostal & Tour Agency. They take care of everything so that the tourists can become stress-free and enjoy the excursion. If you are interested in an Acatenango overnight hike, you can contact these service providers and book a tour. They organize everything perfectly for a cozy and unforgettable overnight stay at the Acatenango.

Acatenango Overnight Hike

Let’s take a look at what they have to offer during the Acatenango overnight hike:

Food and accommodation are the two things most people get worried about while touring a new place. However, when you are touring with Tropicana Hostal & Tour Agency, you don’t have to worry about any of these two.

1.Sumptuous Meals – They make perfect arrangements for all the essential meals of the day starting from breakfast, lunch, post-lunch and evening snacks to dinner to make sure that their guests have a hearty meal every time.

2.Budget- Friendly accommodations are offered by them. You can book rooms of different kinds as per your budget as options are many like private rooms, dorm rooms, hostels, campsites, etc. Convenient online booking options are also available.

3. Private Airport Shuttle – Cheap and reliable airport pick-up and drop services are offered. The best part is even if you have not booked your stay with these travel agents, then also you can avail of their pocket-friendly shuttle services in Antigua – Guatemala.

The 2-day Acatenango overnight hike offered by Tropicana Hostal & Tour Agency is a cherishable experience for every tour lover. The hikers don’t need to carry any equipment up to the mountain as all the camping gears, beds, tents, and all other essentials are already stocked up at the campsite. So, the trekkers can just relax, enjoy the trek and the views, and soak in the fabulous experience.


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